Google’s modular project Ara phone will be out for developers this fall

May 25, 2016 Google News

The Google Project Ara has been in the news for quite sometime now. There have been delays and whether this is done deliberately to make more people talk about the phone or not,  the buzz has definitely been created. And now, it looks like the phone is now finally ready to ship.

Project Ara

In this fall,  only developers will be able to get their hands on the Project Ara modular smartphone. The consumers who would like to get this phone may need to wait till next year.

In order to intimate more developers with this news,  Google’s Has released a new promotional video for the smartphone. The video emphasizes the modular strengths. Moreover, it is Chest From the video that the Module will b easy to use.

Around 30 employees in Google is reported to be using the phone has their primary phone. At the moment, only prototypes are being used. According to Google, all the components of the project Ara is now in place.

The developer version will run Android and a 5.3 inch screen. As would be expected from a Google made phone, the smartphone will use the Android platform.

Some of the partners for Project Ara include Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, TDK, iHealth, E link, Panasonic and Samsung. With each one already working on module for the smartphone.


The smartphone will have six modules all located on the back. And the interesting thing about this is that each module can be installed anywhere on the phone because they will all be using the same connector.

Project ara design

Software, rather than hardware, will be responsible for controlling module ejection. What this means is that not only can you remove a module manually, but you can also do so with your voice.

One thing about the phone is that the technology, such as display, battery, the chipset, is not part of the module meaning that you cannot eject them.Ara


This is a great news for those of us looking to try out something that is totally new and different from the norm. Even though this phone is still in the development stage and probably not be available till next year, it is clear it is going to be a great hit when finally available.