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LG V60 ThinQ – свежий флагман с дополнительным экраном-модулем официально представлен

March 03, 2020

Несмотря на все трудности и закрытие флагманской линейки смартфонов LG G, южнокорейс&#...

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IFA 2019 – что показали на масштабной выставке электроники в Берлине

September 06, 2019

Ежегодно в мире происходит множество выставок различной электроники, но самыми ма...

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На грани жизни и смерти – 5 брендов смартфонов, с которыми можно попрощаться

July 15, 2019

Современный рынок смартфонов – очень динамичная среда. Сегодня – ты король горы, а з&#...

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What are DUAL SIM phones and Do you need Dual sim phones?

September 21, 2018

What is Dual Sim and how does it work? Dual-SIM is a term to specify whether a device is capable of supporting two SIM cards. There are two major types of dual-SIM phones: Standby and Active. Dual-SIM Standby (DSS) requires the user to specify which of the two SIMs is able to make and receive calls, while Dual-SIM Active (DSA) enables both cards to receive calls at the same time. This latter feature usually requires an additional transceiver for the secondary SIM card. More recent ...

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Update makes 4K 60fps video recording available on LG G7 ThinQ

July 03, 2018

LG G7 ThinQ latest update brings a major upgrade for the camera: 4K video recording at 60fps. As such, there is now an option for UHD 16:9 (60fps) 3840x2160 for video resolution setting. G7 ThinQ has always had the ability to record videos in 4K 30fps since launch but now users are able also capture 4K videos at an ultra smooth 60 frames per second. With 4K@60fps, there is expectly a limit on the duration of recordings and this limit for G7 ThinQ is 6 minutes. Other than ...

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