5 reasons for BlackBerry Priv to be the best business Android smartphone

January 05, 2016 Blackberry New Launch Reviews

November 2015 was a big month for BlackBerry with regards to its newcomer Priv to finally appear. We’ve done a thorough gadget overview for you recently, you might want to go back to that piece in our blogging. But now, that some time has passed we’ve managed to gather nice reviews and opinions of its users to give you a better idea of the model. What it basically comes down to is this – it definitely IS the best business Android. And here are the 5 main reasons:

    1. PRIVacy is the PRIVilege. Let’s admit it – if you are a regular user who has nothing to do with big business world and don’t particularly care about extra security and protection, then it means close to nothing to you. Though once you find yourself dealing with important business processes that should stay safe from any intrusion, then BlackBerry Priv you’re your needs best. It’s made for people who care about things like FIPS 140-2 Data at Rest and Data in Transit, or what kind of encryption is being used to protect data from prying eyes. Blackberry DTEK app is pretty user friendly. It provides you with the information on how secure the data in your gadget is alongside with instructions on the ways to improve it.

    BB Priv keyboard

      2. The actual keyboard. It’s simply there for those who due to usage specifics can’t do without it. The keys are specially shaped so you have the opportunity to type without worrying of making multiple mistakes. Typing for long stretches is more comfortable on the Priv than on any other phone we've used in a long, long time. It works simply brilliant for the business purposes when you need the whole screen to review the data and the pop-up keyboard should not be interfering with that.   

        3. Camera is decent. Many would argue that 2015 has been a break-through year in terms of smartphones with magnificent cameras appearing while Priv’s one is not that spectacular. Partially so, as Priv is packed with an 18mp sensor in the back, which does a great job with focusing and capturing good colors and details. For business purposes that’s very decent to say the least. Of course, the camera is not that great with low light conditions and the front one is comparatively poor with its 2MP. 

          4. Distinguished design. We all know that BlackBerry has never been famous for that stunning design that other Android phones keep surprising us with. But with Priv Blackberry has done an outstanding job in that regard – blending practical features like the keyboard with very business-like looking 2.5D curved screen. 

            5. Android platform. We never say Android is better than other OS. It’s just a fact that Android has the biggest market share in the mobile world. In that regard we’d say BlackBerry’s move is rather practical. From now on Priv will get all the Android updates with Marshmallow being the upcoming one. 

              In few words, if you are in business world with high emphasis on functionality, privacy and distinguished design, then BlackBerry Priv is our choice for you.