How to Take Better Photos With Your Android Phone

February 20, 2016 News Tip

Break out that Auto mode on your Android phone and you will be taking great pictures in no time. It is easy to take better photos if you know how to tweak your Android smartphone. We have come up with some tips that can help you do that.

take better photo

Clean Your Android Phone’s Lens

If your camera lens is dirty, you will always get blurry images. Because the camera lens frequently gets dirty, you need to frequently clean it too if you want better images. Any time you want to take a picture, give your lens a quick swipe with your garb. This should take out any grime on the lens and give you a nicer shot.

Shoot in Landscape

Most of us are accustomed to the conventional 16:9 media format with our Android phones. And we even ignore it when we find it awkward taking pictures with that format. So, unless you want to shoot something really tall, you should try taking pictures in landscape. Most pictures are almost always better in landscape mode.

Avoid Using the Flash More of the Time

Save the flash function for emergency purposes. You want your picture to look natural? Then use natural light to illuminate your pictures. You will get better results than shooting with a flash all the time. Because the flash is often located near the lens on your phone, it usually have some glaring effects. However, this is not to say you shouldn’t use your flash at all. There always time and place for using the flash on that Android device. Fore example, if you are shooting in daylight and the sun is behind your object, you may want to use the flash to make the picture look good.

Don’t use digital zoom

Unless you have an optical zoom on your device, like the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, don’t bother using that digital zoom on your phone. What it does is to crop and enlarge photos. And that is known to destroy smartphone photos. 

When should you use the function? Use it after you have taken the picture. After, that is what it is made for. Once your picture is taken with fully zoom-out option, you can later adjust the picture later. You can crop it manually. And leave it how you want it. That way, you will always get a beautiful picture no mater how much editing is done on it (but don’t spoil it). 


There are many ways to build your smartphone capability to take great pictures. You may have your favorites. These are just some o the ways you can get better photos.