HTC M10 To Follow The A9 Design Trend

February 20, 2016 Android HTC Rumours


HTC are set according to the rumor mills to announce the release of HTC M10, a powerful flagship Android phone in 2016. The phone, which has been codenamed ‘fragrance’ according to the rumors, will be the successor to the One M9. Though the official name or the date of release is yet to be known, there are already numerous speculations about the phone. Here are a few details we have gathered about the phone so far. 


What Will Be The Name Of The Phone?

For the HTC next flagship, a lot of names have been speculated as the possible name. Names such as the 02, the M10, the X9 and lately the codename fragrance have been added to the list. The fragrance has seemingly stuck. All the speculated names were connected to devices running high-end specs. A tweet from a leaker @LiabTooFeR claimed that the 02 flagship was dead, and that the HTC perfume will be the 2016 flagship. According to the leak, the HTC Perfume was an internal codename and that the commercial name of the phone will be different.

A tweet from @evleaks in January revealed a partially redacted document that has the codename Perfume listed together with the model number HTC2PS650. Among the things revealed by the document was ATT. This disclosure may indicate that the rumored phone may be designed for the AT&T network after its release. The tweet was accompanied by a tweet that simply said, ‘It’s ALIVE.’

What will be the look of the phone?

Judging from the previous models of HTC Smartphone’s, the next major flagship will certainly look incredible. Even though, there is not yet any photographic substantiation of the device, another leak from @evleaks on twitter stated that “If you like the A9, you’ll love the M10.”

This revelation by @evleaks suggests that he may have been given unofficial information regarding the phone’s design. The revelation that it looks like the very lustrous HTC One A9 is good news for people that loves the HTC One A9 and for those that likes their phone to look like an iphone. 

Technical Aspects Remain Unknown

Linked with all the rumored names of the expected HTC M10 is the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor together with 4GB of RAM, including the return of Boom Sound speakers. There is also the possibility that several of the other headlining specs from the fragrance, X9 and 02 speculations will be retained on the HTC M10.

The One M10, according to spec ulations, will feature a 23 MP rear camera, a fingerprint scanner, a 3,000 mAh battery and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820. The phone will also be IP68 certified for dust and water resistance – a first for HTC.

HTC did allegedly plan to release the M10 at MWC but it seems that the Taiwanese company may not make public the One M10 at MWC anymore, instead deciding to hold a special event for it sometime in March.

Regrettably, all these information are nothing but unconfirmed speculations at the moment, and as such should not be taken as true. Hopefully we'll get some confirmation of these details in the future.