Sony Xperia Ear, Project, Agent and Xperia X smartphones announced at MWC 2016

March 27, 2016 New Launch News Sony

During the Sony’s press event at the Mobile World Congress 2016, the company introduced three new devices and updated some of its old line of smartphones. The company introduced a projector for the home: Xperia Project as well as two new digital assistants: Xperia Agent and Xperia Ear. Old line of smartphones that was updated is the Xperia X series. 

Xperia Agent 

Xperia Agent

Just Like Amazon Echo, the Xperia Agent is designed to provide you with proactive information such as whether condition, news, etc. It seems the company is ready to compete with Amazon in this space with the provision of exclusive information with the Xperia Agent personal assistance. One thing that still distinguishes this from other models such as Google Now integration and Amazon Echo is regularly updated information. The company is yet to confirm whether such will be available with the Xperia Agent. 

Xperia Ear 

Xperia Ear

Sony has just entered the smart earplug market with its Xperia Ear. The Xperia Ear is essentially a Bluetooth earbud, but it does more than that. Although, it has similar functions to the Amazon Alexa (for those who have used that before), it comes with more features that are useful. 

When you put this on your ear, the first thing is, it will greet you with your ‘unnamed’ personal assistant. Sony Xperia Ear will be able to bring you news as well as upcoming calendar appointments. It can alert you when you have missed calls and provide you with other useful phone information.

 The Sony Xperia Ear has IPX2 waterproof capability, so if you are accident prone, this is an added bonus. It offers a virtual assistance and a case that doubles, as way to charge it while it’s not in use. Moreover, it can connect to your Android smartphone through Bluetooth/NFC. You will be able to customize the settings on the companion app.

 Sony Projector

Xperia projector

The Sony Project is a device that is capable of turning a flat surface into a computer screen. Once placed against a wall, it will throw back your contact information, time, and calendar from the flat surface. It can work on white surfaces, tables, or wall and can be operated on those surfaces.

Sony X series

Xperia X

If you are an X series smartphone user, you should expect Snapdragon on the Xperia X flagship and 820 on the Xperia X Performance. The updated phones are expected to have battery capability that will last twice as long as the previous models, thanks to Qnovo’s Adaptive Charging. You should also expect the normal Android OS, support for Remote Play with PS4, a curved glass display and a Hybrid Autofocus – which allows you to take quicker focusing shots.


It would be quite interesting to see how Sony can develop these concepts further. Noting that these ideas are not entirely new so we can or should expect more updates from Sony if they have serious intention to bring about new User Experience products onto the market.