Xiaomi mi 6 rumors to launch in February or April.

December 30, 2016 News Rumours Xiaomi

Xiaomi is clearly already working on the Mi 6, the true successor for the Mi 5 from this year. The Mi 6 should be unveiled at some point in early 2017. When exactly that will happen is still a mystery. Here are some of things we know about xiaomi mi 6.    


The Mi6 is rumored to be getting a slight size enhancement as the 5.0” Mi5 will be getting an extra couple of inches in the Xiaomi Mi6 screen. It’s looking like Xiaomi will be holding nothing back with the screen specs which include a 4K screen, and an unheard of 4096 x 2160 resolution. If the latest Xiaomi Mi6 rumor holds true, this may bring a screen with a ppi near 700.


To run all apps smoothly it must have a powerful processor. Flagship Xiaomi Mi 6 will have 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa core processor with higher processing speed and efficient power management. Now a day’s one plus 3 has been announced with 6 GB of RAM which is more than enough in this level of smartphone. So in Xiaomi Mi 6 we can expect at least 6 GB of RAM for smooth processing of various apps.


If you’re looking for camera specs, than the Mi6 will not disappoint. Both the front and rear cameras will surely be getting an upgrade, and the new camera features will go a long way. Leaks suggesting a 23 MP rear camera and a 7 MP front camera will compare to other high-end Android releases.


Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to be available in inbuilt storage options only. It is rumoured that Mi 6 will be available in 64GB, 128GB versions. There will be no expandable storage options available for this device as in case of Mi 5 from Xiaomi. But the internal storage capacity is increased for storage lovers.

Design to Feature Metal Uni-body with Glass Back

Aside from the size, the design is also believed to be getting a facelift. The phone’s exterior will be a metal body design, but we are hearing info that Xiaomi will be looking to more of a premium finish. Resembling the latest iPhone, the Mi6 may be adding a touch of glass to the back of the phone.

Eye Scanner to Replace Fingerprint Scanner

One of the best Xiaomi Mi6 features will be the rumored retina eye scanner. The fingerprint scanner seen in the Mi5 will be a thing of the past, and will be replaced with something more responsive, and much more unique. While this has yet to be made official, new rumors suggest either an iris or retina eye scanner will be featured.

Release Date 

We are expecting Xiaomi Mi 6 release date will be somewhere around February-April of the next year 2017. This phone looks very budget friendly and is fully feature loaded. This will be the best smartphone from xiaomi Mi series.